rose has been used as a sign of sensuality, luxuriousness, and love for centuries. We bring it to you as part of an intoxicating union of adaptogenic* herbs that create an energetic and heart-opening tonic.

add a little magic, beauty, and love into your every day with this herbalist formulated adaptogenic* botanical blend. 

after all, love really does conquer all.

pomegranate flowers- enhances flavlorhibiscus- supports the heartdamiana- stimulates energy and blood throughout the bodyshatavari- supports healthy libido and reproductive systemrose- soothes and opens the heartsaffron- elevates the mood and expels occasional tensioncardamom- provides a warming and sensual aromavanilla- creates a soothing, decadent atmospherecinnamon- supports circulation throughout the body
orange blossom- uplifts mood and promotes joy